14 July 2023

Emma Villas Academy is one year old. In October 2023 there will be new courses for our team: a year to grow together.

Emma Villas Academy turns one year old and is preparing, from October 2023, to involve their professionals in the new training modules updated according to the needs of a dynamic sector such as that of vacation rental.

Emma Villas Academy is an ambitious project conceived a year ago with the aim of updating all the professional figures – both new collaborators and employees – and to achieve the objective of building and growing a cohesive and motivated team that can capitalise on the value of the more senior people and, at the same time, draw new lifeblood from the new recruits who bring ideas and enthusiasm.


Emma Villas Academy is one year old… A year to grow together.

But what led to the development of this project?

Following the constant growth recorded by the company, Emma Villas felt the need in 2022 to develop Emma Villas Academy: a project dedicated to the growth and development of new professionals.

In fact, hosting around 50,000 guests annually, managing more than 500 prestigious properties, Emma Villas is called upon to maintain very high standards in terms of property management and guest hospitality. This is how the Academy, thanks to the encouragement of qualified trainers, has supported in their first year of activity, the development of all Emma Villas work teams, primarily Portfolio Manager, Property Manager, Quality Inspector.

The Academy provides the use of a dedicated web platform, in addition to the more sophisticated tools developed in the proprietary CRM, supporting employees and collaborators with tools and training activities in person and remotely.

Seizing and using the opportunities offered by the digitalisation of the processes, acquiring knowledge through the use of tutorials and business tools, are just some of the opportunities offered to participants in the course who will also this year have access to a reserved area of the platform dedicated to each professional profile.

We are very proud of the results achieved so far. The growth of our company has highlighted the need to focus on new resources who bring new lifeblood and motivation into our company. We want to guarantee the highest quality standards for our owners and guests and for this reason we have created the Academy with the aim of training professionals of the sector and increasing the standards of internal professionalism. I’m also pleased with the growth of our female team which has regarded almost all of the hiring made in the last two years. This growth has undoubtedly generated an injection of passion and expertise.

Giammarco Bisogno, Founder and CEO of Emma Villas

👉 Learn more about the Emma Villas Academy https://encr.pw/dsP9Q

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