The Emma Villas network is growing and becoming stronger with the Property Managers and Quality Inspectors

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Emma Villas, the leading vacation rental company in Italy, is looking for up to 150 partners in three years, mostly property managers, throughout Italy whilst, on the other hand, they have dedicated a training day on January 19th in Chianciano Terme to those Property Managers and Quality Inspectors who are already collaborating with them.

In the last 3 years the number of people who have chosen to spend their holidays in prestigious villas and country houses has grown exponentially. Confirming this trend are the numbers of the Emma Villas Observatory for 2021, which concluded with 4,769 weeks booked in approximately 450 properties managed exclusively by Emma Villas. An important growth close to +12% compared to 2019, the pre-pandemic year. A trend that has seen more and more people make their homes available for seasonal rentals, an interesting form of additional income and which, at the same time, has generated many job opportunities throughout the country.

In this regard, Emma Villas welcomes about 35,000 guests a year from all over the world and, in order to assure the quality of the villas and the standard of their management, is investing in recruiting, in particular, Property Managers, a profession that is increasingly in demand in the tourism sector and in that of incoming tourism. These figures that did not exist a few years ago are now essential for those who provide hospitality in an advanced way. The care of the quality of the villa and the standard of its management is fundamental in our sector.

The figure of the Property Manager in particular has a central role in the relationship with the owner and, in the Emma Villas model, has today great opportunity for growth. On the other hand, more and more owners are asking for “all inclusive management of the property and more and more often property managers also become property advisers for Emma Villas”. This statement by Giammarco Bisogno, President of Emma Villas, continues: “For this reason we are investing in the creation of 30 local HUBs, a professional network of property managers who already operate in the sector and who are able to manage the quality and efficiency of prestigious villas and homes”.

Which tasks does a Property Manager perform? And which a Quality Inspector?

The Property Manager handles the management and overall administration of the property and all the activities regarding the lease: continuous supervision of the property, reception, coordination of on-site resources that deal with the garden, swimming pool and cleaning, and the constant monitoring of the quality standards required by the clients.

The Quality Inspectors, on the other hand, oversee the quality standards of the structures so as to guarantee quality and comfort and to offer the client a product in perfect “feedback-proof” conditions. Both roles require a command of English, knowledge of the real estate market and the ability to move independently, given that both figures are required to be close to the properties they are called upon to manage or evaluate. “Since 2006 we have had more than 25,000 bookings and over 200,000 guests in our villas – continues Bisogno – the Quality Inspectors and the Property Manager are complementary in our model and both can also support our purchasing action by recommending villas in line with our standards to be included in the portfolio by implementing an action that integrates the strategic one carried out continuously by our network of agents and dealers”.

These opportunities of development and employment in the territory on which Emma Villas is working will, in the next 3 years, see the involvement of about 150 professionals, mostly property managers. Applications are open” declares Giammarco Bisogno, Founder and CEO of Emma Villas srl.

Emma Villas, therefore, from the annual Quality & Property Management training event held in Chianciano Terme on 19.01.2022, launch their appeal to apply by sending to:

[email protected] “Quality Inspector application” or “Property Manager application

The annual training day in Chianciano Terme examined the promotion of products and services in support of the owners of the villas and of the lease and the technological instruments prepared for the Quality Inspectors.

The day was very useful for those already collaborating with the company to master the integrated Owner & Guest model that makes Emma Villas a unique tour operator. In summary, the model provides:

  • Guest & Property Protection: Free insurance coverage for the owner in the case of accidental damage caused by guests during their stay, up to a maximum of 20,000 euros per booking. This insurance, which supplements the mandatory one paid by guests, will prevent any disputes that may arise in relation to the responsibility for any damage found and to their correct quantification and compensation.
  • Smart Hospitality: Automated management of all bureaucratic obligations related to the lease: real-time booking management; online check-in and prepayment by guests of some of the costs associated with the stay; maximum security and simplification of check-in and check-out procedures.
  • Property Management & Safety: Complete Property Management of the property, Concierge Service for guests and Central Desk for owners; check-in and check-out services with qualified personnel, linen rental, certified housekeeping, sanification and disinfection services.
  • Multichannel and Property Enhancement: Promotion of the property in the most important and exclusive international circuits and multimedia enhancement of villas (Web, digital marketing, media relations, ADV).
  • ReHome: Possibility of support for interventions of improvement to the property.