Sarah & Robert: romanticism of the Romanticism!

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My husband and I love the romantic poets, and it was our dream to get married in the house where Percy and Mary Shelley lived together in the 19th century. Emma Villas Plus made that dream come true. Our wedding in Lerici could not have been more perfect. Everyone on the Emma Villas staff was so kind and so competent. They recommended such fantastic, professional, talented people to us. Everything from the hairdresser to the string quartet to the florist (Monica, a true artist) was absolutely top notch.

Rossana, our coordinator, would have been able to cater to any of our needs. She understood so clearly what we wanted, stayed with us all day on the day of the wedding, and made sure things ran smoothly. She was in touch with me every step of the way, was clear and consistent about prices and services, made payment so easy and stress-free. She and her colleagues really understood our vision, and they made us feel like our wedding was the most important wedding in the world. I know they would do the same for any couple. We could not have imagined a better day!

Sarah & Robert