A unique model, in which the value and protection of your property are at the centre of everything: Guaranteed Annual Income, Possibility of Financing Improvements to the Property, Smart Hospitality, Property & Guest Protection, Property Management & Safety.

Emma Villas, a group with fifteen years experience, today manages exclusively the rentals of 450 properties in Italy. The focus of the relationship with the owners has allowed Emma Villas over the years to develop a unique model, an integrated approach in which the value and protection of the property and the quality of the stays are two aspects treated in a unitary and rigorous way to guarantee the owners serenity in renting their own home and the guests the unique experience of a stay in villas immersed in the unique scenarios of our Country.

Guaranteed Annual Income

Emma Villas is the first Instant buyer of the rentals of the villas in Italy: Emma Villas makes an evaluation of the Villa through their qualified staff on the basis of which, in agreement with the owner, a guaranteed annual budget can be defined (together with the weekly price in low, medium, high and very high season). In the event that the guaranteed annual income formula will be defined, this one will still be paid to the owner even in the case that the property is rented for a lesser number of weeks. In the case that the villa is rented for a number of weeks exceeding the guaranteed threshold and, however, in the case that the return of the property should exceed said threshold, this will be integrated in the final balance at the end of the season.

Possibility of Financing Improvements to the Property

Emma Villas has the experience to evaluate the lease potential of a property even where it needs to carry out improvements to bring it into line with the standards required by our clients (eg swimming pool, bathrooms, etc.). In these cases it is possible to find with the owner a financing formula for the necessary interventions on the part of Emma Villas which will be defined and evaluated together with the rental proposal. Furthermore, Emma Villas collaborates throughout Italy with a team of professionals (architects, construction companies, etc.) able to intervene and support the owners according to high quality standards.

Smart Hospitality

We would like to present "Emma": a unique App for guest and host, developed in partnership with Vikey s.r.l. The technological innovation and the opportunity for its application in emergency situations such as, for example, that recently determined by COVID – 19 has rendered it important (and in some cases urgent) to equip oneself with effective tools of automisation of certain phases of the lease; this in order to guarantee efficiency and safety in the rentals of the Villas in support of the owners and guests. Through the use of "Emma", Emma Villas is able to offer a value-added service of simplified administrative management ("smart bureaucracy") to the owners who will be able to:
  • check reservations and related details in real time;
  • carry out automatedly, through Emma Villas, the bureaucratic obligations related to the lease (communication of the guests to the Alloggiati Web portal, Istat communication);
  • pay through Emma Villas the tourist tax (where due), which will be collected from the clients through the "Emma" app during online check-in (before arrival at the villa) and paid by Emma Villas to the local municipality;
  • receive at the time of online check-in (in advance of arrival at the villa and not at the end of the stay) the required flat-rate payments (eg electricity, heating, extra cleaning for animals, etc.).

Guest & Property Protection

The properties that Emma Villas manage in exclusivity have a great value that must be protected. In our fifteen years of experience the accidental damage recorded in the properties has been minor, but we have not neglected this aspect and we intend to fully protect owners and clients, avoiding as much as possible any dispute that may arise with respect to the responsibility for eventual damage caused to the property, as well as the correct quantification and compensation.

The stay in our villas, starting from the 2021 season, will be protected through an integrated Host/Guest insurance approach, with products developed at competitive costs by qualified partners with whom Emma Villas has been continuously collaborating for many years.

Our two-step approach:

Zer0Dep by EuropAssistance
for clients

Insurance to cover eventual property damage caused accidentally by guests during their stay. This policy, developed in partnership with EuropAssistance, does not eliminate the protection guaranteed by the security deposit, but replaces it with an insurance coverage. The client, who has already covered the cost of Zer0Dep at the time of booking, if he should cause any damage, will allow the owner, during the check-out phase and through a simple initialling on a form, to open the claim with EuropAssistance. The company, after a quick appraisal, will then reimburse the owner directly.
Zer0Dep has demonstrated during our accurate tests to be an effective cover because:
  • It eliminates the difficulties connected to the management of the security deposit and to the quantification of the damage at check-out;
  • It eliminates the risk of guests arriving at check-in without the cash for the security deposit, rendering later recovery complex;
  • It avoids any dispute between owner and guest at check-out (often the cause of negative reviews);
  • It allows the client to protect himself in the event of accidental damage, guaranteeing at the same time first risk coverage to the owner as well;
  • It ensures that the client, covered by Zer0Dep, is more willing to assume responsibility for the damage caused;
  • It permits one to have coverage up to € 1,500.00 per booking (a value higher than the security deposit so far requested for most of the Emma Villas properties);
  • It provides greater “appeal” to clients who are not willing to bring a large amount in cash or to block it on the credit card limit.
  • Property Protection
    by Cattolica Assicurazioni - for owners

    In order to guarantee this protection of the properties, the most serious choice for a tour operator is, in our opinion, that of adopting an integrated client-owner approach. Beginning from this year, all Emma Villas properties will be insured with "Property Protection": an insurance policy developed in collaboration with Cattolica Assicurazioni, which guarantees the owner coverage for accidental damage caused by their guests during their stay up to a maximum coverage of € 20.000,00 per booking. This is a second risk policy, which will then integrate the coverage already mandatorily provided through Zer0Dep (the premium of which is paid by the client). What are the advantages of “Property Protection” for the owners?
    • The opportunity to rent your property with greater confidence and serenity, being assisted, in case of damage, by reliable insurance players;
    • To be protected in the case of extensive damage caused to the structure and/or its contents for the entire amount of the damage (up to the maximum foreseen);
    • To have included by Emma Villas in the lease proposal a unique insurance product in the market at an advantageous price.

    Property Management & Safety

    Last season Emma Villas handled the health emergency through the "Safe Reception" project, raising the safety and cleaning standards of the villas, guaranteeing the owners full support for the sanification and disinfection of the structures and of the linen in compliance with the legislation on a national and regional basis. This project has allowed us to consolidate our experience and the capillarity of our partnerships in the territory, guaranteeing our clients the highest standards of quality and safety. From the 2021 season we can offer our owners throughout Italy: :
    • check-in and check-out services with qualified personnel;
    • ordinary and extraordinary cleaning services of the structures;
    • certified sanification and/or disinfection services;
    • hire and washing of linen for the lease;
    • remote property management service and management of the personnel in charge of cleaning, gardening, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the villa: this is a desk that will be in charge, in place of the owner, of coordinating and having intervene on site, in the case of emergency, the internal or external personnel assigned to the property and will assist guests for specific needs.

    Guest Protection – Insurance cart

    For an overview of the insurance cart available to clients, which pays specific attention to the current Covid-19 epidemiological emergency, please visit:

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