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Emma Villas ReHome sustains the owner in the elaboration of restructuring projects, Interior & Garden design, with loans or advances up to the maximum contractual duration of 6 years.

In 15 years of activity, Emma Villas ReHome has handled many restructuring and renovation projects of prestigious villas, with the aim of returning to the owners the pleasure of living in their exclusive homes and, at the same time, putting them in condition to receive an annually guaranteed income through a tailormade rental project.
Emma Villas ReHome has developed a network of qualified and reliable professionals, able to evaluate the potential of each property - even where this requires making some interventions - and to elaborate innovative restructuring projects of great charm by proposing sustainable solutions on an economic and environmental level.

If you are interested in evaluating the restructuring of your property and its possible lease or if you want to entrust us with an Interior&Garden design project.


Areas of intervention

Interior Design

Keeping alive the soul of the place, bringing it out by emphasising traditional architectural elements by following paths that can embrace different styles. Revisiting classic and traditional styles, knowing how to roam and daring to embrace contemporary elements. Playing with creativity that embraces tradition, or with packaging that prevails over the furniture. Giving space to minimalism by leaving only a few elements of strong characterisation. Letting the house speak its own strong and distinctive language that cannot be forgotten.


Architecture, as Ludwig mies van der Rohr said, is the will of the period translated in space. For centuries man has built to meet the requirements of homes in every part of the territory by attributing functions to the spaces and transforming the territory itself for these purposes. Today, architecture and the ability to invent and modify a space, even more so than in the past, no longer means just satisfying a need, guaranteeing a function, but improving and enhancing the quality of life of those who live in that home, rendering the use of the buildings, conceived and designed in every detail, a life experience in itself satisfying.

Garden & Pool

The countryside belongs to each one of us, it surrounds us, we live within it. Urban contexts move us away from it and sometimes make us forget it. On the contrary, living in open territory brings us closer to this harmony and the designing of a house with outdoor spaces amplifies it by exploiting the potential. Integrating the project of the building with that of the outdoor areas so as to experience the house in all its functions and seasons, letting a well-kept garden and bodies of water transmit the very idea of well-being, knowing how to play with lights and plants in an open space means giving yourself and your guests a new experience every day.

Visit of our team to the property

A professional from our EV ReHome Team will visit your property

EVReHome® instant rendering and preliminary specifications of the interventions

On the basis of the hypothetical interventions, free instant rendering and preliminary expense specifications will be made and presented to the owner at the Emma Villas main office.

Lease proposal and guaranteed minimum

If the owner is interested in the lease, Emma Villas will present at the same time a rental proposal that includes, through an advance on the guaranteed minimum, support for the realisation of the works, rendering immediately tenable the restructuring of the property and the implementation of the interventions.

Design and implementation of the project

If there is interest in proceeding with the EV ReHome team in the implementation of the interventions, we will move on to the design phase which will be free if you intend to also entrust ReHome with the implementation of the project and/or the insertion of the villa in the EV catalogue for the lease.

Are you already an Emma Villas owner?

If you are already an Emma Villas owner and wish to evaluate the possibility of implementing projects of restructuring or renovation of your property with EV ReHome, will include the possibility of rendering economically sustainable the restructuring, or even just the renovation of the property, through the advance of a part of the guaranteed minimum.

Loans & financing

EV ReHome sustains the owner in the elaboration of restructuring projects, Interior & Garden design, with loans or advances up to the maximum contractual duration of 6 years.

‘Style is seeing beauty in simplicity’

Andréè Putman

‘Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design’

Charles Eames

‘The purpose of construction is to make things hold together; of architecture to move us’

Le Corbusier