The importance of Home Staging: interview with Caterina Zangirolami!

Caterina Zangirolami

On Tuesday, February 27th  the Home Staging seminar took place at the Emma Villas Tour Operator offices in Chiusi, coordinated by the architect Caterina Zangirolami, famous interior designer, interior architect and home stager.

Home Staging is the art of enhancing real estate properties, improving their image in order to promote sale or lease.

In fact, this is an “advanced” technique of Real Estate Marketing: not only the capability of selling, but also the “capability of preparing” the object to be sold in the best possible way. In America this is a technique that has been used since the ’70s, whose objective is to make the villa, country house or  luxurious apartment more attractive for the highest number of potential clients, thus permitting booking times to be speeded up.

Home Staging is a technique that stimulates the emotional sphere of those who view the Emma Villas properties and try to imagine their dream vacation in the environment they are visiting. The goal is to enhance the properties with tasteful interventions to be seen by as many people as possible, also through a top quality photographic service that will augment the property on the website and through our social channels.

An interesting meeting that touched fundamental points concerning the preparation of a property for an optimal Photographic Service, the final result of which must not, however, alter the appearance of the property since the client’s expectations must be respected upon his arrival.

Caterina Zangirolami, Emma Villas Home Stager
Caterina Zangirolami, Emma Villas Home Stager


From elegant layouts to refined stagings and tastes for the various areas of the home, from the living area to the sleeping area: these are the main topics discussed during the seminar and highlighted by the words of the home stager herself: “We started working with Emma Villas in May 2017, experimenting the Home Staging service with a completely new reality, bringing innovation to the setting and to the photographic part. We have also created an ad hoc method exclusively for Emma Villas, called the Technique of Emotion, in order to create an actual experience for the client, not only a simple villa holiday, because often pictures, more than beautiful words, go straight to the heart”. She continues outlining the objectives for 2018: “Correcting the standard methodology of the Emma Villas photographic service is one of the objectives we shall pursue, making it become in this way a real Home Staging service with planned and standardized strategies that can be used by the technicians and collaborators in any situation”.

The Pisa architect spends some words for the owners as well: “Educating the owner is a prerequisite for a well staged house right from the start and is essential to dispel the belief of his house as “home sweet home”: he must make reservations, he must transfer it on to the market and it must be commercially attractive when it becomes part of Emma Villas so as to facilitate both their work and that of the technicians. It is important that the choice of the client be confirmed and never contradicted so it is important to prepare the property immediately in order to valorise it as much as possible”.

Concluding the interview, Caterina also underlines the importance of teaming up and collaborating: “Having good collaborators is fundamental for the work of the Home Stager, which is why I have used a great professional like Giuseppe Laiolo, who completes my work with top quality professional photos”.

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