Cous Cous Fest 2018: Sicily is once again queen of the table!

Cous Cous Fest 2018

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This colourful and tasty event returns to enliven the streets of San Vito Lo Capo in 2018.

The Cous Cous Fest is a festival of flavours and culture celebrating cous cous, dish of peace and integration. The programme includes cous cous competitions among chefs from ten nations, cooking shows, tastings, free concerts and talk shows. You can taste the many local and international versions of cous cous at the Case del Cous Cous, sample the interpretations of great chefs at the cooking shows at the PalaBia, as well as the dishes of chefs from ten nations competing in the cous cous championships. In the evening, San Vito Lo Capo becomes an infinite carpet of dancing arms while the music vibrates, enveloping all around it. Great free concerts, but also shows and in-depth study with prestigious journalists and guests.

Cous Cous World Championship

The Cous Cous World Championship, the heart of the event, is its most merry and colourful soul. Ten nations of the world challenge each other with recipes, smiles and culture. Two juries will judge the dishes: a technical one chaired by Joe Bastianich, the American entrepreneur of Italian origin, partner and founder of Eataly Usa, known in Italy thanks to his participation as a permanent presence among the judges of Masterchef Italy, and a popular one formed by visitors at the event. Competing this year with Italy – captained by the San Vito chef  Peppe Alongi of the restaurant La Cambusa –  will be: Angola with the chef Helt Araujo, a young promise of Angolan gastronomy and president of the Angolan Academy of Gastronomy, Ivory Coast with the chef Abibata Konate, known as Mamma Africa for her work in favour of the immigrants and people of Burkina Faso, the poorest African country, France with the couple of chefs Mohammed and Selma Herbi of the restaurant Le Grain de Folie, in the heart of the Flemish countryside in the north of France, Israel with the chef Boaz Cohen of the restaurant Eucaliptos in Jerusalem, Morocco with the chef Zahira Fenouri, runner-up at Masterchef Morocco, Palestine with the chef Shady Hasbun who manages “Le Rotte Ghiotte” in Arezzo, a restaurant proposing recipes from the whole area of the Mediterranean, Senegal with Mareme Cisse,  chef of Ginger People & Food, a restaurant in the historic town centre of Agrigento, Tunisia with chefs Bilel Ouechtati and Bouadra Tayed and the United States with New York chef Marc Murphy, owner of Benchmarc Restaurants and the face of famous television cooking shows, including the most successful programme of Food Network, Chopped.


Cooking Show, great chefs on stage

Great chefs, food bloggers and celebrities offer their recipes to the public.

Claudio Sadler, two Michelin stars, Filippo La Mantia, the host and Sicilian chef, Sonia Peronaci, one of the most influential Italian food bloggers, Sergio Barzetti, face of the Prova del Cuoco,  known as Mr Alloro for the massive use of this ingredient (laurel) in his cooking, and  big Giorgione from the Gambero Rosso Channel. These are just some of the stars of the cooking shows.

Great concerts and free Talk Shows

Great free concerts, but also shows and in-depth study with prestigious guests. The Cous Cous Fest is a great happening of art and culture.

Great free concerts, but also shows and in-depth study with prestigious guests. The Cous Cous Fest is a great happening of art and culture. The evening at San Vito Lo Capo explodes with music. Live, cabaret, musicals and shows for a completely free top level programme.

 Café le Cous Cous

Important guests confront one another, at  Lo Capo, on topical issues in the Cous Cous Fest talk show. Two dates are scheduled for Thursday 21st  and Friday 22nd  September at 9.30 pm. The stage in Piazza Santuario has hosted over the years Gino Strada, founder of Emergency, Elio of the band Elio e le Storie Tese, Vladimir Luxuria, the journalist Alessio Vinci, the chefs Giorgione, Filippo La Mantia, Andrea Morelli and Claudio Sadler, the food blogger Chiara Maci, Carlotta Sami, spokesperson for Southern Europe of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Giovanni Pepi, co-director of the Giornale di Sicilia, Marzia Roncacci, journalist of Tg2, Massimo Montanari, professor of food science at the University of Bologna.

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