1st Stage

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The Emma Villas Tour began on November 16, 2021 in Siena, the city where the Emma Villas company began their journey.

This was an opportunity for the owners of our villas to finally meet the Emma Villas staff after two years of forced distancing.

First stage of the Emma Villas tour “Your Property First Tour 2021/22”. After two and a half years we return today with the first meeting in person with our owners. What are the first impressions? Giammarco Bisogno – CEO and President: It is essential for our relationship to meet in person again. These years have created damage not only at the health and social level, but also at the work level. Above all, I believe that the greatest problems were generated by the lack of direct relationship between our staff (sales, marketing, booking, etc.) and our owners. I am really very happy with the success of this event: it was a beautiful day, a nice meeting. Moreover, for our first stage we came to Tuscany, to Siena, a city that by now is ours for many reasons, which is where we started and where the world of Emma Villas and our business started.

This is the first of many stages, this year the tour will be between the years 2021 and 2022, what do you expect for the other stages in terms of participation?

Giammarco Bisogno – CEO and President: In the meantime, we will work on making people understand how useful and exciting this tour is, on convincing the owners to participate and to follow this tour throughout Italy. In Florence we will make two consecutive stops, we will also go to Pisa, then we will continue the tour in the Marche and at the beginning of 2022 we will move between Lazio, Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Apulia and Sicily. I believe that the presence of the owners is a sine qua non, essential for our journey. The tour is a great opportunity for meeting to maintain relationships and trust and also to get rid of problems that have occurred in the last two years of the pandemic. On the part of the Emma Villas family there is the utmost commitment and I hope that this will be widely perceived and appreciated.

Ettore Silvestri, owner of “Val di Marco” (Umbria – Perugia – Valfabbrica): “Emma Villas offers us owners the certainty of a company that, despite the difficulties, succceeds not only in resisting but  also in innovating and finding solutions both for big and difficult problems, such as those of the last two years of the pandemic, and for the “smaller” ones of management and administration of a property that must maintain certain standards of hospitality.

It is the second time that I have participated in an event of this type and, after more than two years, meeting the staff once again in person is fundamental. It means finding a human presence that goes beyond a phone line or an email. I find the availability of all the staff I am in contact with during the year very reassuring, even in winter when planning the tourist season. Emma Villas are steady points of reference and this allows us to build  human relationships and mutual trust over the years.

As to the innovations introduced by the company on this tour, I very much appreciated the digitisation of the welcome which I find to be a fundamental aspect on which we ourselves, as owners, must expand our knowledge. In addition to the relief from bureaucracy, the insurance part is also very important because it grants greater protection to our property. All these elements allow us owners to continue our commitment to the structure and its management with greater tranquillity.”

Gabriele Leprini, Director Rete Italia and Portfolio Development: “The day was structured in two parts: in the first part we dealt with the balance sheets of the last two seasons affected by the pandemic, while the second part was dedicated to one-to-one meetings with our owners. Very prolific and necessary meetings.

The balance of the day is extremely positive. The need was to return to meetings in person after two years of forced distancing due to the health situation. It was essential to see each other again because currently there is need to bring the owner back to the centre of the “Your Property First” project which contains many innovations in which the owner is the main protagonist.

The main characteristic of Emma Villas compared to our competitors is to have a physical staff to introduce to the owners. It is an aspect that is linked to the human element and which allows us to solve all kinds of problems, which would be much more complicated to manage from behind a keyboard.”